HBCD Replacement (YK-972)

HBCD Replacement (YK-972

Similar with SR-130

Molecular formula:C23H24Br8O2

Molecular weight:943.6

CAS No.:97416-84-7

Package:25KG bag,500KG bag,1000KG bag


YK-972 is additive flame retardant,it has the advantage of low dosage,good  flame retardant effect,little influence on the physical properties of materials,good thermostability and Uv stability.Mainly used for EPS,XPS polypropylene and other styrol resin.The YK-972 has better flame retardant efficiency than brominated aromatic flame retardants.It can make the processing equipment more safety,products more outstanding performance,especially more appropriate for plastic products with high processing temperature.The YK-972 is excellent alternative of HBCD.

Items Technical Index
Appearance White Powder
Bromine ≥65.0%
Melting Point 90--125℃
Volatile ≤0.3%
TGA ≥250℃